Office Address

  • 424 West Drive Melbourne, FL 32904
  • 321-723-6025

As a leader in delivering reliable, mission-critical network services, we provide all the elements required to complete your network build, from route design to engineering and construction.

Route Development

Let Y-COM’s experience define and develop the best logistical and budgetary route for your network.

Engineering and Design

Y-COM can take your predetermined route and bring it to reality through detailed design and permitting.

Aerial Construction

Y-COM began as an aerial contractor in 1972 and continues to provide quality aerial construction for all of their telecom customers.

Underground Construction

To match today’s industry needs, Y-COM’s underground construction group has grown to be its largest asset and continues to “set the standard”.

Directional Boring

As part of Y-COM’s largest division, our drilling rig fleet continues to expand by size and count to meet the ever growing need for the least evasive technology in construction today.

Fiber Blowing/Pulling

Y-COM owns all the necessary equipment needed to complete traditional fiber installation as well as the latest in fiber blowing techniques.

ISP Complete

Y-COM is fully staffed and trained in ISP design and installation to include EMT, raceways, and static hangers in plenum and non-plenum environments within multi-floor commercial structures.

Fiber Splicing

Y-COM is staffed with the skilled personnel with state of the art equipment to provide cable prep de’marc termination and testing using single or mass fusion techniques on both scheduled and emergency situations.

Emergency Response & Maintenance

Y-COM has employees on call 24 hours a day to quickly respond to your emergency and maintenance needs within our marketing areas.